A Roadmap that Keeps Us on Track

A Roadmap that Keeps Us on Track

A Roadmap that Keeps Us on Track

No matter where you live, before heading towards your destination you look up the fastest route that you could take and calculate the time you expect to arrive. Sometimes you end up in the wrong place because you forget to pay attention to the signs that lead you to your destination. Have you ever thought about the roadmap of your own life? In her talk, Maryam, a former commuter between Tehran and Karaj, gives an account of her life and introduces a roadmap that has worked for her pretty well despite the wrong turns or intersections that she has made at times. The roadmap is one with unique signs and signals; yet, anyone around the globe could apply to their lives, a roadmap that keeps you on track no matter how late you arrive.

  • Video Type: Lecture, Series
  • Duration: 10:58



Maryam Shahmoradi

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