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"Call on God with Clear Insight"

Holy Quran 12:108

Welcome to the Islamic Research and Information Center (IRIC), a non-profit, non-political NGO founded in 1990 by a group of Muslim graduate students in Washington D.C., USA.
In a short period, this Center established a network of 40 different Islamic institutes across North America and prepared the ground for further cooperation. Through this network, the Islamic Cooperation Council (ICC) was established. This Council held monthly meetings across different states and organized multiple religious, educational, and cultural programs. IRIC was also successful in publishing the Islamic Monitor Journal, as well as the Bosnia Watch weekly bulletin, which played a key role in providing vital news and support, with the cooperation of Bosnian Muslims, to stop human genocide in Bosnia in the last decade of the 20th Century.

Our Departments


IRIC supports and conducts studies on Islam and Muslims through contemporary social, cultural and religious contexts and issues within the Western societies...


IRIC has produced several video programs on the subjects of the Principles of Islam, Islamic Culture and History, as well as introducing Islam to the western world...


IRIC has been successful in holding short-term modular courses related to Islam and the West for the interested institutions and welcomes holding such customized training packages...

Communication & Cooperation

IRIC plans to strengthen its cultural & academic cooperation with other Islamic organizations, institutes and academic centers in western countries...

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Research Projects



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Special Consultative Status with the UN ECOSOC

IRIC, as a registered cultural & religious NGO in the U.N., has achieved “Special Consultative Status” with the United Nations Economic & Social Council since April 2015, which provides an infrastructure to represent Islamic viewpoints and positively contribute to the programs and deliberations of the world body.

Our Team

Mohammad Nahavandian

Chairman & CEO

Hassan Taromirad

Deputy of Research

Seyed Mostafa Safavi


Seyed Mostafa Rezazadeh

Executive Director


Conducting Strategic Research
on Islamic Studies within the Western Academia
Studying the Cultural and Social Transformations
of Muslims Residing in the West

In collaboration with scholars and researchers, IRIC has conducted studies on Islam and Muslims within Western societies.

Research projects are mainly focused on:

  • Islamic studies with emphasis on academic Shia studies in the West
  • Cultural-religious studies of Muslim communities in Western societies
  • Muslim youth, their challenges and opportunities

The results of research projects are published in the “Islam from the Viewpoint of the West” journal, the “Muslims in the West” book series, and the “Academic Shia Studies in the West” book series. Also, specialized reports and scientific articles have been prepared and published based on the above-mentioned subjects for those interested in this field. 

Media & Information

Promoting Islamic Culture and Heritage through Media Resources

 In order to provide an opportunity to enhance, deepen and enrich understanding of Islamic issues and illustrate a true image of Islam for English-speaking people, both Muslims and non-Muslims, IRIC has produced several video programs, clips, infographics, podcasts, and documentaries. 

Our media productions are categorized into three main areas as follows:

  • Introducing Islam and its cultural heritage and civilization
  • Exploring challenges and opportunities of Muslims in the West 
  • Analyzing and producing content for Islamic studies and media productions about Islam in the West
Providing Information about the Latest Events, from Conferences to Summer Schools, Calls for Papers and Scholarships in Western Academia, as well as Islamic Cultural and Social News

Also, IRIC publishes a weekly electronic newsletter in order to inform researchers about religious & cultural events and the related activities on Islam & the West.

E-Learning & Educational Courses

Offering Short Online Courses
to Deepen Participants' Islamic Knowledge

 In order to train interested individuals to properly introduce & promote the actual teachings of Islam in English, IRIC has developed a series of courses related to Islam and the West in five categories:

  • Understanding western culture and civilization
  • The history of Islamic studies in the West
  • Islam and contemporary issues
  • Islamic teachings and principles
  • Skills for presenting Islam to non-Muslims

Communication and Cooperation


IRIC is interested to strengthen its cultural and scientific cooperation with other academic centers, organizations, Islamic institutes, and interreligious centers in the West to hold international conferences, support Islamic studies in the institutions of higher education, produce appropriate films and TV programs, and undertake mutual projects.

Conferences, Symposiums & Festivals


IRIC has held seasonal symposiums, research seminars, and conferences in collaboration with other research institutes that share similar goals and objectives. The goal is to discuss and provide Islamic viewpoints and responses to contemporary problems and issues that human beings and societies, especially Muslim communities are facing today. Holding such seminars and conferences for many years has proved to be successful in representing the true image of Islamic teachings and viewpoints. Human rights, Muslim women, Islam & environment, compatibility of Islam & science, interfaith dialogue, peace and violence, tolerance and coexistence, etc. were among the subjects which have been addressed. Also, on some special occasions, IRIC has held festivals to commemorate Islamic rituals and encourage Muslim youth to produce content and contribute to promoting Islam.

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