Germany Muslim Population Percentage 2017 By City Demographics Religion German


Germany Muslim Population Percentage 2017 By City Demographics Religion German

Germany Muslim Population Percentage 2017 By City Demographics Religion German

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Owing to labor migration in the 1960s and several waves of political refugees since the 1970s, Islam has become a visible religion in Germany. According to a national census conducted in 2011, 1.9% of Germany’s population (around 1.5m people) declared themselves as Muslim. However, this is likely to underestimate the true number, given that many respondents may have exercised their right not to state their religion. An estimate made in 2015 calculated that there are 4.4 to 4.7 million Muslims in Germany (5.4–5.7% of the population). Of these, 1.9 million are German citizens (2.4%). As of 2006, about 15,000 Muslims are converts of ethnic German ancestry. According to the German statistical office 9.1% of all newborns in Germany had Muslim parents in 2005

Islam is the largest minority religion in the country, with the Protestant and Roman Catholic confessions being the majority religions. There are between 2.1 and 4.7 million Muslims. This lack of exactitude has to do with the fact that about half of the 4.6 million people from the Muslim World aren’t believers according a study.

[Caption: Muslims in Germany according to region of origin]

The large majority of Muslims in Germany are of Turkish origin (63.2%), followed by smaller groups from Pakistan, countries of the former Yugoslavia, Arab countries, Iran and Afghanistan. Most Muslims live in Berlin and the larger cities of former West Germany. However, unlike in most other European countries, sizeable Muslim communities exist in some rural regions of Germany, especially Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and parts of Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia. Owing to the lack of labor immigration before 1989, there are only very few Muslims in the former East Germany.

[Caption: Muslims in Germany according to denomination and region of origin]

The majority of Muslims in Germany are Sunnis, at 75%. There are Shia Muslims (7%) and mostly from Iran. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community organization comprise a minority of Germany’s Muslims, numbering some 35,000 members or a little over 1% of the Muslim population, and are found in 244 communities as of 2013.

Muslims in Germany belong to several different branches of Islam (approximately data):

  • Sunnis 2,640,000
  • Alevis 500,000
  • Twelvers Shi’as 225,500
  • Alawites 70,000
  • Ahmadiyya 35,000-45,000
  • Sufis 10,000
  • Salafis 8,350
  • Ismailis 1,900
  • Zaydis 800
  • Ibadis 270
  • Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement 60

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