1000 Mosques Across Germany Open Doors to Welcome Visitors


1000 Mosques Across Germany Open Doors to Welcome Visitors

More than 1,000 mosques across Germany opened their doors Thursday to welcome non-Muslims in an effort of dispelling stereotypes and promoting mutual understanding, Anadolu Agency reported. Cologne Central Mosque, Germany’s largest mosque in the western city, received several hundred visitors who had a chance to ask questions about Islam and traditions of Muslims.

DITIB, the Turkish-Muslim umbrella group which runs the mosque, offered guided tours for the visitors across different mosques in Berlin and other cities.

An estimated 100,000 visitors were expected to participate this year in the events in more than 1,000 mosques across the country. Germany’s Muslim Coordination Council (KRM), a platform bringing together the largest Muslim organizations in the country, organized the Open Mosque Day, which takes place annually on the Day of German Unity.

Muslims across the world usually open doors of their mosques to guests to enable them to have a glimpse of their faith and proper understanding of its teachings. For example, Visit My Mosque Day is held annually in a number of countries including Australia, the United Kingdom, Norway, and France. In Canada, the first-ever Visit My Mosque Day took place in October 2017. In October 2017, some 100,000 non-Muslims visited more than 900 mosques across Germany.

Source: AboutIslam.net

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