6 Islamic ways to manage your loneliness

6 Islamic ways to manage your loneliness

6 Islamic ways to manage your loneliness

If you feel lonely, try these ways and uplift your feelings by the teachings of Islam

There are many causes of loneliness and the feeling can differ from person to person. It could be caused by a life event, such as bereavement, job loss, sad events, bad grades or financial struggles.

Here you can use some Islamic ways to manage your loneliness and feel much better

   1.Visit others:

It is highly encouraged in our faith to visit others. By following this recommendation, you will also be increasing your social contact, and naturally reducing the feeling of loneliness. Reaching out to others, be it family, friends, or keeping in touch with your neighbors, is one of the best ways to overcome loneliness.

   2. Love, and express love for Allah’s Sake:

The teachings of Islam encourage saying a kind word, giving a smile or a greeting, gifting or even telling someone you love them for the sake of Allah. You get a warm, good feeling when you gift, when you make someone smile, and make them feel loved. The feeling of loneliness can be tackled by working together and the positive energy of expanding love will definitely effect yourself, too.

   3.Attend congregational prayer:

We are encouraged to attend the mosque as much as possible for congregational prayer. You also feel a sense of belonging and togetherness when you pray in congregation. For those living alone, away from family or with no Muslim family at all, it can be particularly comforting. The mosque can also be the hub of so many other beneficial gatherings that can boost your mood and connect you with others.

   4.Get involved with helping others:

When you connect with others, uplift them and help ease their distress, you essentially are also assisting yourself. Helping others also increases your social contact, and is a distraction from ruminating on your own personal thoughts and feelings. You can also help volunteer in your local community to really gift your time and make a real change.

   5.Keep busy:

Being idle can further exacerbate the feeling of loneliness. Preoccupying yourself with something productive can help keep you from lonely feelings. There are many ways to keep busy by trying out new hobbies, staying active, spending time with others, learning new things or so on.

   6.Find solace in speaking to Allah:

It can be difficult to open up, even to those closest to us, or to express how you are feeling in words. Remember that there is no greater communication than with your Lord. He is able to understand you and know whatever you are going through, without you even muttering a word or shedding a tear. We are never truly alone; Allah is always with us. He has the power to change your heart, to uplift you and make your heart brim. When you are feeling low and isolated, call out to Him.

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