7 Muslim-positive TV shows to stream right now


7 Muslim-positive TV shows to stream right now

This year’s Golden Globe nominations, in which for the first time three Muslim actors got nods, were a reminder that in the last few years, the television industry has allowed Muslims to go beyond “representing” on the small screen to actually portraying characters who are human beings. There are still too many stereotypes answering TV writers’ need for a villainous terrorist bomber, but in the great cultural mirror that is TV, it can be said that a start has been made.

Here are a few shows, from glossy network productions to web series, that Muslims — and those interested in the Muslim experience — can stream without eye rolls: “Little Mosque on the Prairie” (2007-2012), “Resurrection: Ertugrul” (2014-2019), “Ramy” (2019- ), …

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