Calgary Muslim women share stories of discrimination and Islamophobia


Calgary Muslim women share stories of discrimination and Islamophobia

As the prime victim of Islamophobic attacks, Muslim women usually have many sad stories about facing hate on the streets, on public transports, and even at work.

Giving Muslim women a chance to speak out and share their experiences, a Calgary Muslim group hosted an event to educate the community and make a change.

“If these hate crimes are happening because of false perceptions of our religion, then maybe we need to talk about what our religion is.” Said Duaa-Azeem Choudhary, a Quebec Muslim woman born to Pakistani immigrants.

The event, organized by Canadian Pakistani Support Group (CPSG), centered on sharing concerns and recommendations about combating hate crimes and racism.

Zainab Khan, the project manager, believes the solution to end Islamophobia is to educate people about Islam and highlight the religion’s messages of peace, tolerance, and equality.

Islamophobic attacks across Canada have risen at alarming levels. The attacks have increased in frequency, many are targeting visibly Muslim women and girls.

Hate crimes targeting Muslims have significantly increased last year according to a report released by Statistics Canada in August 2022.


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