Centre for Media Monitoring

Centre for Media Monitoring

Centre for Media Monitoring

Promoting Fair and Responsible Reporting of Muslims and Islam

The Centre for Media Monitoring is a Muslim Council of Britain project. Academics and specialists across the world recognize that mainstream media reporting of Islam and Muslims is contributing to an atmosphere of rising hostility towards Muslims in Britain. CfMM’s vision is both to highlight negative trends in the media as well as promote good practice.

A major component of our work involves holding the media to account for inaccurate reporting on Muslims and Islam. We monitor and analyze articles and broadcast programs to identify possible factual errors or prejudicial content. We then lodge complaints through the official complaints.

The Centre for Media Monitoring staff has successfully secured over 100 corrections from major media outlets.

There is a need for our community to be more proactive in highlighting our achievements. Showing the wider public who we are and what we are doing is essential to shaping the media narrative around Muslims and Islam. We want to share your stories.

In order to change the narrative surrounding Islam and Muslims, we aim to engage constructively with the media and empower communities in the following ways:

  • Evidence:
    Create an evidence base of how Islam and Muslims are reported in the national broadcast and print media.
  • Insight:
    Develop insights on potential areas of improvement through evidence based analyses, reports and guidelines.
  • Engagement:
    Advocate change and development through constructive engagement with key stakeholders.
  • Empowerment:
    Develop capacity and empower communities to positively engage with the media and provide potential stories.


  • Address: Centre for Media Monitoring, Muslim Council of Britain, PO Box 57330, London, E1 2WJ, UK
  • Phone: +44 845 26 26 786
  • Website: cfmm.org.uk

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