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Successful negotiation: Master your negotiation skills

1 Lesson
2.3 hours
All Levels

Negotiation is a skill worthwhile – by applying a few …

What you'll learn
Negotiate effectively and fairly to make 1000s more than they would otherwise
Be confident in starting and finishing a negotiation
Use smart tactics to increase their bargaining power
Develop mental and emotional strength to keep pushing until they get a great price
Use negotiating skills in both personal and professional situations
Bargain over everything from huge corporate deals, to flea market haggles
Combat common techniques to ensure their profit isn't diminished without them noticing

Fundamentals of Business Analysis

5 Lessons
22.5 hours
All Levels

Unlike other courses, the communication skills machine is a complete …

What you'll learn
Everthing you need to know to develop your communication skills
Become more persuasive & influential in business and life