Nikon Digital Beginner Photography (DSLR)

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Last Update May 11, 2022
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About This Course

You will learn how all those buttons and dials work on your Nikon DSLR. Taking into account the exercises, this course takes about 2.5 hours. Through the exercises you do and the explanations of the concepts, JP is committed to keeping the information you need to memorize, without memorizing. There is about an hour of video lecturing covering exposure, aperture, shutter speed and mode dialing (Auto, P, S, A and M). Images will be shown as an example. The exercises will be fully explained. This course is great for anyone who is a beginner with their Nikon DSLR camera or for people who know how their camera works but have not put all the pieces of the puzzle together in terms of how the aperture and shutter speed work. Is. . This class is for you if you do not know how all modes (Auto, P, S, A and M) work on your camera and when you should use each mode.

Learning Objectives

You will learn how to adjust your shutter speed and why you would choose one shutter speed over another.
You will learn to recognize the difference between depth-of-field blur and motion blur.


  • You should own (or have borrowed) a Nikon DSLR. This class applies to all Nikon cameras that have a model number that starts with "D," (some examples: D4, D610, D7100).

Target Audience

  • This course is for absolute beginners and for people with some knowledge of how their cameras work but who haven't yet put all the puzzle pieces together of how aperture and shutter speed work together.


1 Lesson


I'll talks about what you'll learn in the course and about his unique style of teaching that will have you learning how to use your camera intuitively.

The Aperture Exercise

You'll learn how aperture works by using aperture to create a beautiful image of your own with a shallow depth-of-field.

The Mode Dial

You'll learn how and when to use each of the modes (Auto, P, S, A and M) on the shooting mode dial.


In the wrap-up to the class, I will explain how you can approach using your camera in an intuitive way so you can be present to all the beautiful moments around you rather than focusing on your camera.

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