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About This Course

It puts you on the path to becoming a great singer … faster than you thought! Believe it or not, you already have the ability to be a great singer. You are born with a natural sound range and I will help you access it – fast and easy, but fun at the same time! We combine everyday emotional techniques and sounds in your singing instruction to help you understand that singing is not as difficult or scary as you thought.

This course is great for people who have little experience in singing, but have taken a lot of singing lessons and don’t really know much about the technique or how the sound works. If your goal is to sing pop, rock, country, blues, R&B, indie, alternative … any popular style of music, this course is for you.

Learning Objectives

You'll be able to sing with much more control, confidence, consistency, and better overall tone.
You'll be able to sing much higher than you did before this course - with MUCH less strain.
You'll be able to sing with much better technique - saving your voice from future damage.


  • Absolutely no singing experience is required.
  • No prior experience with any type of music lessons is required.

Target Audience

  • Beginners who have little to no experience with singing or singing lessons, and want to sing Pop, Rock, Country, R & B, etc...
  • Anyone who has a little experience, but wants to gain more strength, control, and confidence in their voice.
  • Beginners to Intermediates who are intimidated by the idea of singing and want to take the fear out it.


3h 18m

The Foundation

Make the Sound

Vocal Control

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