Despite threats, the Canadian-Muslim Vote’s Visit My Mosque Day events a success


Despite threats, the Canadian-Muslim Vote’s Visit My Mosque Day events a success

The Canadian-Muslim Vote, a non-profit, non-partisan organization increasing democratic engagement within the Muslim community, held a very well-attended Visit My Mosque Day across Canada on Saturday, November 10, 2018. Several mosques across the country welcomed the public to get to know their Muslim neighbors. Attendees included elected officials such as MP’s, MPP’s, and municipal officials.

Participants of Visit My Mosque Day said that they were happy to meet their neighbors, were surprised at how much the Mosques are contributing to the local community, and how warm and hospitable each centre was. All were serving food ranging from traditional dishes to pizza, and some who returned from past visits remarked that the hospitality they saw was year-round and not just one day a year.

The event was organized to help increase dialogue to overcome racism, Islamophobia, all forms of discrimination, and to increase civic engagement. The event took place despite the large wave of hateful and sometimes violent Islamophobic messages being levelled against The Canadian-Muslim Vote as well as participating mosques on social media.

Two threats were taken very seriously and the police were notified. One was in Sherbrooke, Quebec, where the mosque was assured by police that a number of measures would be taken to maintain the safety of the community. The other was in Scarborough, Ontario, where the mosque hopes the perpetrator will be arrested once they are identified.

Source: Muslim Link

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