Dover petrol bomb attacker said he planned to ‘obliterate Muslim children’


Dover petrol bomb attacker said he planned to ‘obliterate Muslim children’

British police said evidence showed an extreme right-wing terrorist ideology had motivated a petrol bomb attack on an immigration center in the southern English port town of Dover on Oct. 30.

Far right terrorist, Andrew Leak, from High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, threw three petrol bombs at the immigration processing center before taking his own life in an Islamophobic attack on Sunday.

Police said 66-year-old Andrew Leak – who was found dead at a nearby petrol station soon after the attack – had apparently acted alone.

Andrew Leak said he planned to “obliterate Muslim children” an hour before his firebomb attack in Dover, it has been revealed, amid continuing questions about why it took police so long to treat the incident as terrorism.

In his final tweet before the attack, Leak said: “We will obliterate them Muslim children [they] are now our target. And there [sic] disgusting women will be targeted mothers and sisters Is burn alive”.

It was posted at 10.22am on Sunday. An hour later, at about 11.20am, Leak was photographed releasing a plastic bottle taped to a lit firework on Dover harbour’s Western Jet Foil, where dozens of people who had crossed the Channel in small boats were waiting to be processed by Border Force officers.

Two people were hurt in the attack involving three petrol bombs. Leak was found dead minutes afterwards at a nearby petrol station.

Leek’s final tweet was revealed in an archive of his social media postings compiled by the anti-fascist charity Hope Not Hate before they were deleted.

On Tuesday, counter-terrorism police said they were now investigating the incident, after multiple calls for it to treated as an act of terror.

Source: The Guardian

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