2019 Public Seminar Series

2019 Public Seminar Series

About The Event

Presented by the Islam UK Centre, Cardiff University

Cardiff University is a leading institution for scholarly teaching about Islam and Muslims in contemporary Britain. The Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK (Islam-UK Centre) is based within the School of History, Archaeology and Religion, which has a wealth of teaching expertise and a lively program of research activity. Within the school’s degree programs there are a range of possibilities for studying Islam and classical Arabic. The Centre has a strong and positive relationship with the local Muslim community.

The center’s Seminar Series is now in its 11th year.  What began as very modest in-house graduate-focused seminars, has now developed into a more substantial public-facing program.  In recent years, we have especially enjoyed working with external partner organizations, including Equality and Human Rights Commission for Wales, the Welsh Centre for International Affairs, Citizens Wales, and the Welsh branch of the national mental health charity ‘MIND’.

Admission is free and if you want to attend any or all of the Seminars please register via our Eventbrite Website or by using the Lecture calendar on the right.


• Dr Anabel Inge‘The Making of a Salafi Muslim Woman: Paths to Conversion’
Wednesday 6th February 5pm John Percival Building, room 5.24

• Haroon Sidat‘What is ‘authority’ in Islam?’
Wednesday 20th February 5pm John Percival Building, room 5.24

• Dr Fauzia Ahmad : ‘The British Muslim Marriage Crisis’
Wednesday 6th March 5pm John Percival Building, room 5.24

• Dr Stephen Pihlaja‘How technology influences what we believe’
Wednesday 20th March 5pm John Percival Building, room 5.24

• James Fergusson‘Islam – Another British Religion?’
Wednesday 3rd April 7pm Glamorgan Building, Committee Rooms: 1 & 2

Source: Islam-UK Center

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the Islam UK Centre, Cardiff University

Our Speakers

Dr Anabel Inge
Dr Fauzia Ahmad
Dr Stephen Pihlaja
Haroon Sidat
James Fergusson
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