AALIMS-Harvard Conference on the Political Economy of the Muslim World

AALIMS-Harvard Conference on the Political Economy of the Muslim World

About The Event

AALIMS-Harvard Conference and Student Workshop on the Political Economy of the Muslim World

Date: April 19-20, 2024

Venue: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA


The purpose of AALIMS (Association for Analytic Learning about Islam and Muslim Societies) is to promote analytic research of Muslim societies, with a focus on the roles of culture and religion in social, economic, and political trends in both the past and the present. It serves as a forum for the discussion and critical evaluation of relevant research that uses advanced descriptive, theoretical, and empirical methods of the modern social sciences. It puts a premium on interdisciplinary exchanges as a means of fostering comprehensive analyses of Muslim societies and their institutions. Thus, it seeks to broaden contacts among economists, historians, legal scholars, political scientists, and sociologists working on the Muslim world. It reaches out also to humanists, especially specialists on Islam or a part of the Muslim world, who share an appreciation of applying empirical and theoretical methods of the social sciences to the social, political, historical, or economic study of Muslim societies. The association avoids political activism of all kinds. It shall have no political affiliation. Imposing no limits on the inferences made or conclusions reached, it considers unrestricted scholarly debate and discussion as essential to intellectual advancement and refinement.

Cosponsored by Alwaleed Islamic Studies Program; Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University; Department of Economics, Harvard University; Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School.

Nominations for presentations by advanced PhD students can be made up to 31 January 2024.



– Melani Cammett, Harvard University, Chair

– Asim Khwaja, Harvard University

– Tarek Masoud, Harvard University

– Timur Kuran, Duke University



  • Student Workshop:
    • April 19 @8:30-12:45
  • Conference:
    • April 19 @1:45-3:15 – Identities
    • April 19 @3:45-5:15 – Economic Development
    • April 20 @9:00-11:15 – Family
    • April 20 @11:45-1:15 – Data
    • April 20 @1:45-3:15 – Political Economy of Religion


Source: Harvard University

  • Cost: Free
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Harvard University

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
Website https://aalims.org/aalims-harvard-conference/

Our Speakers

Adam Osman
Adeel Malik
Aidan J. Miliff
Alexandra Domike Blackman
Allison Hartnett
Asim Khwaja
Aslı Cansunar
Aytuğ Şaşmaz
Berfin Baydar
Daniel L. Tavana
David Patel
Elizabeth Nugent
Farhan Majid
Fotini Christia
Gabriel Koehler-Derrick
Jean-Paul Carvalho
Joel C. Kuipers
Kareem Haggag
Melani Cammett
Nathanael Sumaktoyo
Nicholas J. Lotito
Nicholas Kuipers
Oliver Lang
Rabia Kutlu
Rakesh Banerjee
Rinchan Ali Mirza
Steven Brooke
Tahir Andrabi
Thomas Pepinsky
Timur Kuran
Tuğba Bozçağa
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