As-Sadiq 2022 Courses

As-Sadiq 2022 Courses

About The Event

Winter 2022

Organized by As-Sadiq Islamic Academy

As-Sadiq Islamic Academy provides a unique environment to learn the core beliefs of Islam, its laws, ethics, and its way of life. Our instructors are qualified from the most recognized Islamic seminaries in the world.

Courses are taught by experienced scholars and can be taken from the comfort of your home. The following courses will start the week of January 22nd (all times listed in EST). These short 8 week courses are available online so you can learn from the convenience of your home.

1- Book discourse-Greater Sins by Ayatullah Dastaghaib Shirazi
by H.I Syed Raza Naqvi
Every Sat & Sun at 12pm

2- Morals and Ethics-Discourse on Ziyarat Jamia al Kabeera
By H.I. Shiekh Haydar Shirazi
Every Tuesday at 8pm

3- Quran Vocabulary Book 2 (English)
By H.I. Syed Raza Mehdi Naqvi
Every Monday and Wednesday at 9:30pm

4- Quran Qiraat
By H.I. Jawwad Wahidi
Every Tuesday at 8pm

5- Getting to Know God Part 2
By H.I. Sheikh Hasan Abbas
Every Sat and Sun 10:00am

6- Getting to Know God Part 3
By H.I. Sheikh Hasan Abbas
Every Sat and Sun 04:00pm

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Our Speakers

H.I Syed Raza Naqvi
H.I. Jawwad Wahidi
H.I. Sheikh Hasan Abbas
H.I. Shiekh Haydar Shirazi
H.I. Syed Raza Mehdi Naqvi
Register online, get your ticket, meet up with our inspirational speakers and specialists in the field to share your ideas.

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