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Cambridge Muslim College, UK

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Application Deadline: July 16, 2021

Validated by the Open University, our BA in Islamic Studies is a unique higher education program that combines an in-depth study of traditional Islamic disciplines with a study of relevant fields of contemporary knowledge that inform the discourse on faith in the modern context.

There is currently no such course available in the UK, and its provision is a major contribution to the development of Islamic knowledge and leadership at a time of urgent need for the Muslim community.

The BA is a three-year program, with each year consisting of three 11-week terms. Terms 1 and 2 have ten weeks of teaching and one reading week. Term 3 has seven weeks of teaching, a two week study break and then final exams. The contact hours average 24 hours a week. In addition, students are expected to spend up to 20 hours a week in personal study.

The College offers an Arabic intensive year before the start of the program for students accepted onto the program but who do not possess a sufficient level of Arabic. CMC has partnered with CLC (Center for Language and Culture) in Marrakesh, which offers a bespoke Arabic intensive program.

Program modules are divided into Core Modules and Contextual Modules. The Core Modules cover Islamic Studies and run for all three years. The Contextual Modules are modern disciplines that have a bearing on the consideration and application of insights from the Core Modules in the modern context, and they run for one year each. In most cases, Contextual Modules form tracks of learning that continue into subsequent years.

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Cambridge Muslim College, UK

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