Call for Book Manuscripts: The Early and Medieval Islamic World Series

Call for Book Manuscripts: The Early and Medieval Islamic World Series

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Call for Book Manuscripts

Book Series: The Early Medieval and Islamic World

Series Editor: Roy Mottahedeh, Harvard University

Publisher: I.B. Tauris


I.B. Tauris, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing, is seeking manuscripts and book proposals for The Early Medieval and Islamic World book series.

As recent scholarship resoundingly attests, the medieval Mediterranean and Middle East bore witness to a prolonged period of flourishing intellectual and cultural diversity. Seeking to contribute to this ever-more nuanced and textured picture, The Early and Medieval Islamic World academic book series promotes innovative research on the period 500–1500 AD with the Islamic world, as it ebbed and flowed from Marrakesh to Palermo and Cairo to Kabul, as the central pivot.

Thematic focus within this remit is broad, from the cultural and social to the political and economic, with preference given to studies of societies and cultures from a socio-historical perspective. The series showcases unique voices on the medieval Islamic world, shining light into its lesser studied corners.

Key areas of focus are:

  • Transition to the ‘medieval’ world, especially archaeological approaches
  • Close textual readings and translations
  • Trade and the economy
  • Travel and exploration
  • Government and warfare
  • Societies and communities
  • Material culture and art
  • History of ideas
  • Inter-religious contact, conflict and exchange
  • Prominent and influential figures

The series is published in collaboration with the Society for the Medieval Mediterranean. The society is dedicated to all aspects of the academic study of Mediterranean history and culture, from the fifth to the fifteenth centuries AD. It aims to foster cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary investigation, create a forum of ideas and encourage debate on intercommunal and transnational crosspollination within the medieval Mediterranean.

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The Early and Medieval Islamic World Series


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