Call for Papers: Special Issue on “Marja‘iyya and Society”


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Journal of the Contemporary Study of Islam

Guest Editor: Cameron Zargar, University of Exeter

Submission Deadline: August 14, 2020

The Journal of the Contemporary Study of Islam invites articles for a special issue related to the theme of “Marja‘iyya and Society.” We encourage submissions that engage with how the marāji‘’s fatwas help shape and are shaped by Twelver Shī‘ī communities. This includes: the marāji‘’s consideration of the cultural, temporal, and spatial context in deriving legal opinions; the dissemination, reception and the degree to which these opinions are applied in real cases; the marāji‘’s efforts to acknowledge and embrace the leanings of their followers as individuals or as members of a larger culture, nation-state, or organization; the elements in Twelver Shī‘ī societies that result from, produce, or perpetuate a culture of taqlīd; and how the marāji‘ collectively do or do not function as a body in order to fulfil the legal and spiritual needs of the Twelver Shī‘ī faithful.

The special issue is edited by Cameron Zargar of the University of Exeter. For more information, please contact the Guest Editor at

Source: Journal of the Contemporary Study of Islam

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Journal of the Contemporary Study of Islam


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