Call for Papers: Special Issue: “Reframing Islam in Southeast Asia”

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A Special Issue of Religions

Call for Papers

Guest Editor: Prof. Dr. Chiara Formichi

Publisher: MDPI – Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute

Manuscript Submission Deadline: August 15, 2019

The history of Islam in Southeast Asia has been traditionally narrated as one derivative of the Middle Eastern experience and, oftentimes, as a reality that largely belongs to the majority areas of the Indo-Malay sphere.

This Special Issue of the journal Religions, “Reframing Islam in Southeast Asia”, intends to challenge these narratives, problematizing both the way Muslim Southeast Asia has been defined as a region, and how the category of “Islam” has been deployed in that context, harnessed to the dichotomies of core/periphery, authenticity/syncretism, local/foreign, ethnicity/religion, and majority/minority.

The editors are particularly interested in contributions addressing: the intersection of Islam and the arts; Islam and gender; borderland communities; transnational and Intra-Asian connections; comparative studies within the region; and studies of Islam beyond Southeast Asia’s “Islamic arc”.

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