Call for papers: Special Issue “The Qur’an in History”

Call for papers: Special Issue “The Qur’an in History”

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A Special Issue of Religions

Call for Papers

Guest Editor: Dr. Marco Demichelis

Publisher: MDPI – Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute

Manuscript Submission Deadline: August 31, 2021

The Issue would like to explore the correlation between the Qur’an, the word of God that through the Archangel Gabriel was inspired by God to Muhammad in the first half of the 7th century, and the historical events that in different ways have affected its understanding and interpretation during the thirteen centuries of Islamic history. The main idea is to work on specific verses, precise suwar (part of them), or singular words through a historicized hermeneutical approach which could frame and share facets, insights, and makings which have settled the understanding of this revelation in a specific phase of Islam and human history.

This Issue intends to highlight the complex connection between historical events and Koranic hermeneutics on specific arguments that emerged in the Islamic revelation. In the clear intention to not excessively circumscribe the historical phase, the focus is kept open, even if, in case, will be re-framed in relation to your abstract proposals.

Accordingly, different main arguments treated in the Qur’an (the understanding of previous Abrahamic faiths, the relationship with disbelief, the violence against the Other, the gender issue, the prophecy, etc.) have been explained differently in relation with the historical age after the canonization of the written version as well as the different phases of Islamic advancement or closure.

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