Call for Papers: The Journal of Iranian Islamic Period History

Call for Papers: The Journal of Iranian Islamic Period History

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The Journal of Iranian Islamic Period History is now taking submissions for one of its issues in 2021. Quarterly “Journal of Iranian Islamic Period History” after years of publishing scientific articles in the field of post-Islamic history of Iran in Persian, now the first English language issue has published.

Following the successful publication of the first issue of this journal in English, we plan to publish the second issue of the journal in the spring of 2020. Therefore, we ask Iranian history researchers to submit their scientific articles in English to this journal.

This journal welcomes the scientific articles of doctoral students along with their professors and the scientific articles of university professors and independent researchers in English on the history of post-Islamic Iran. Topics Articles can include history of culture, foreign policy and so on.

That said, any pieces that discuss other topics of Iranian history are also welcome. This can include Healthcare, roads and communication routes, beliefs, sciences, relations with other countries, historiography, art, architecture, etc. throughout the history of post-Islamic Iran. In short, submissions will not be limited in any way to solely discussion of one or more topics from the history of post-Islamic Iran.

More information and the full texts of the articles of this issue of the journal are available in free of charge on the journal’s website:

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