CFP: Special Issue on “Islam and the Discourse of Enlightenment”

Call for Papers: Special Issue on “Islam and the Discourse of Enlightenment”

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Call for Papers

Special Issue of the Journal of the Contemporary Study of Islam

Theme: “Islam and the Discourse of Enlightenment”

Editor: Dr Emad Bazzi

Publisher: Institute for the Contemporary Study of Islam, London, UK

Abstract Submission Deadline: June 30, 2023


The Journal of Contemporary Study of Islam (JCSI) is delighted to invite researchers and scholars to submit their papers in a special issue of the Journal on the topic of ‘Islam and the Discourse of Enlightenment’.

JCSI welcomes articles on the following themes:

– Islamic conception of Subjectivity and Maturity
– Islam and Reason
– Islam and Political Sovereignty
– Islam and Secularism
– Islam and Development
and any other related themes.

Book reviews on the aforementioned subjects are also appreciated.

JCSI is a peer-viewed academic journal publishing in London.


The length of the article should be between 5000 and 7000 words, and it should be submitted via the journal’s website. If there are any issues with submission, writers can email their paper directly to the journal’s editor at or

Before submission, authors are urged to review the paper criteria listed on the journal’s website. We also respectfully request that authors refrain from raising any topics that can be acrimonious or offensive to Muslim or other religious communities. The submission deadline for this special issue is 30th June 2023. Contributors are asked to include a three-line profile about themselves containing their academic affiliation and major publications.


More information on: Journal of Contemporary Study of Islam

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Journal of the Contemporary Study of Islam


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