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Successful completion of the two years will provide a solid foundation and a stepping-stone for further Islamic studies courses such as CIC’s Alimiyyah Degree level program. Well above A-Level standard achieved – high proficiency in classical and modern Arabic including ancient poetry.

The Diploma in Arabic & Islamic Studies (DAIS) has four components: Arabic language, hadith, fiqh & general Islamic studies including tafsir. This gives students the opportunity to learn and apply the language in various disciplines, such as Qur’an, Hadith, Fiqh and History, thereby gaining a thorough grasp of the language whilst also benefiting from learning essential Islamic knowledge from Arabic sources.

The course is structured for part time online studies – 3 hours a week of pre-recorded lectures by Sheikh Akram Nadwi, 1 hour a week of live online tutorials with an expert tutor and another 3 hours a week for self-study. Students will have the flexibility to follow the course from anywhere in the world.

The course offers comprehensive notes, workbooks, and textbooks all available as Pdf files included as part of the course. Regular live tutorials, homework assignments and ongoing tutor support throughout the course.

More information on: Cambridge Islamic College

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