Conference: Historicizing the Shiʿi Hadith Corpus


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Call for Papers

Date: June 24-26 2020

Venue: Leiden University, Leiden, Netherlands

Abstract Submission Deadline: January 31, 2020

Hosted by: Leiden University Centre for Islam and Society (LUCIS) and Shiʿi Studies Unit of the Institute of Ismaili Studies (IIS)

Convenors: Hassan Ansari, Edmund Hayes, and Gurdofarid Miskinzoda

This conference will focus on the processes which led to the early production, evolution, dissemination and canonisation of a set of distinctively Shiʿi hadith corpora. These corpora are both clearly linked to the greater project of hadith in Islam, but they also follow certain, understudied processes specific to the Shiʿi communities. In the conference, both the specificities of the various Shiʿi hadith corpora (Twelver, Zaydi, Ismaili, Nuṣayri, and so on) will be addressed, as well as their links and cleavages with hadith corpora preserved by other Muslim traditions.

The focus of this conference will be the period in which the Shiʿi hadith corpora were initially formed and canonized, and therefore will aim at contributions dealing with the years roughly 700-1250 CE, however extensions to this period will be accepted if the case demands it.

The aim of the conference is to produce a landmark publication for the study of Shiʿi hadith, to be published as part of the Institute of Ismaili Studies’ Shiʿi Heritage Series, and all participants will be expected to submit their papers for consideration in the resulting volume.

Contributions might address the following areas for the formative period of the Imami, Ismaili, Zaydi or other Shiʿi traditions:

• Definitions of hadith and hadith studies (comparing Imami, Ismaili, Zaydi perspectives)
• Genres and terms, such as hadithkhabar/akhbār), alkitābmuannafjāmiʿmasāʾilnawādir
• Authenticity, dating, transmission history
• Manuscripts of Shiʿi hadith works
• Dealing with particular Imams and the bodies of hadith ascribed to them
• Mechanisms of production, dissemination and circulation of hadith during the lifetime of the Imams and thereafter
• Hadith relating to a particular event, such as the Occultation or the rise of the Fatimids
• etc.

Please send an abstract of around 300 words to by January 31st 2020.

More information on: Leiden University

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