Course: Tawheed – Getting to Know God


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Course: Tawheed – Getting to Know God

Starting Date: October 18, 2021

Duration: 8 weeks

Venue: Online

Organizer: As-Sadiq Islamic Academy

This course provides a strong foundational understanding of Islamic theology and the logical underpinnings of the belief in the Oneness of God “Tawheed”. Course discussion will cover such topics as The Big Bang Theory, Theory of Evolution, Divine worldview, the Study of Nature, and more.

If a non-believer asked you “why do you believe in Allah?” what would you say?

Could you prove oneness of Allah to a polytheist?

Can you believe in the existence of God as well as the Big Bang theory and the Theory of Evolution?

Belief and Ideology are the sources and the foundations of every value-based system. All ideologies affect the behavior of its adherents either consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, a strong foundation in beliefs and ideology is critical to the practice of faith.

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