Critical Muslim Studies: Decolonial Struggles and Liberation Theologies


About The Event

A Summer School in Granada, Spain

Date: June 16-22, 2019

Venue: Granada, Spain

Application Deadline: February 5, 2019

Critical Muslim Studies is inspired by a need for opening up a space for intellectually rigorous and socially committed explorations between decolonial thinking and studies of Muslims, Islam and the Islamicate. Critical Muslim Studies does not take Islam as only a spiritual tradition, or a civilization, but also as a possibility of a DE colonial epistemic perspective that suggests contributions and responses to the problems facing humankind today. It offers an opportunity to interpret and understand Muslim phenomena in ways that does not reproduce Eurocentrism, Islamophobia or takfiri exclusivism.

The Granada Summer School began in 2011 as a means of acknowledging the linkages between the conquest of Granada (Al-Andalus) and the conquest of the ‘Americas.’

The seminar will be held in the Escuela de Estudios Arabes. This year’s instructors include internationally recognized scholars and intellectuals from a range of disciplines: Salman Sayyid, Hatem Bazian, Ramon Grosfoguel, Houria Bouteldja, Farid Esack, Asma Lamrabet, Santiago Slabodsky, Nelson Maldonado-Torres, Arzu Merali, Tajul Islam, Asma Barlas, Saadia Benmakhlouf, Jasmin Zine, Amina Teslima

The course covers several topics such as Introduction to Critical Muslim Studies, Islamic Theology of Liberation, Islamic Decolonial Pedagogy, Inter-Faith Dialogues, Women and Islam, and Islamic Spirituality. The focus of the course is to inquire into Islam as a postcolonial/decolonial perspective. This description is meant to give you a brief idea of the broad scope of topics covered during the two week Summer School.

Source: Center of Study and Investigation for Decolonial Dialogues

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Escuela de Estudios Arabes

Cta. del Chapiz, 22, 18010 Granada, Spain

Our Speakers

Amina Teslima
Arzu Merali
Asma Barlas
Asma Lamrabet
Farid Esack
Hatem Bazian
Houria Bouteldja
Jasmin Zine
Nelson Maldonado-Torres
Ramon Grosfoguel
Saadia Benmakhlouf
Salman Sayyid
Santiago Slabodsky
Tajul Islam
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