Decolonisation: Knowledge, Power, and Politics (Short Course)

Decolonisation: Knowledge, Power, and Politics (Short Course)

About The Event

Date: September 28-30, 2020

Venue: online event via zoom

Organizer: The Aga Khan University’s Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations

Course Convenor: Dr Sanaa Alimia

The Aga Khan University’s Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations, London, is organizing online short course on “Decolonisation: Knowledge, Power, and Politics” by Dr Sanaa Alimia.

Situated across the disciplines of Politics, History, and Sociology this introductory course examines the unfinished business of decolonization. The course will:

1. Introduce students to key ideas in decoloniality, post-colonialism, Marxism, gender, and ecological studies.

2. Analyze the historic contexts of political decolonization.

3. Ask how are our everyday lives impacted by colonial legacies using the example of race, gender, and desire?

To understand how the current world system has developed over a period of 500 years of colonialism, slavery, and exploitation, making modernity and coloniality two sides of the same coin. Interested participants are invited to arrange two individual one-on-one online sessions (each for 45 minutes). These can be used up to 8 weeks after the course has been delivered. They can discuss key texts, pieces of writing, or reflections in those sessions. These sessions must be booked in advance.

Participants will be asked to listen to a 10-minute pre-recorded lecture before attending each session. They will also be asked to read a mixture of academic texts, poetry, political speeches, and news articles, and to listen to and/or watch songs, performances, and short visual clips.

Course Convenor

Dr Sanaa Alimia is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the Aga Khan University’s Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations, Sanaa Alimia holds a PhD from the Department of Politics and International Relations at SOAS, London where she also taught (2011-2014).


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