Diploma in Essential Islamic Sciences (DEIS)

Diploma in Essential Islamic Sciences (DEIS)

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Lecturer: Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi

Cambridge Islamic College is pleased to introduce the new Diploma in Essential Islamic Sciences (DEIS) this Ramadan with a SPECIAL 45% DISCOUNT.

Diploma in Essential Islamic Sciences is a brand new program that covers the essential Islamic knowledge one should learn. It takes a student gradually from a beginners level to an intermediate level with each level taking one year of part time study online form anywhere in the world. The course is taught by Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi and supported by a panel of tutors. The course is divided into 3 levels, each taking 1 year of study.

  • Diploma in Essential Islamic Sciences – Level 1

In this level you will learn the fundamentals of Islam at an extraordinarily deep level through the Sīrah of the major Prophets and learn how to re-apply the fundamentals of Islam in the modern world. This level introduces beginners to the foundations of Islamic belief systems and practice.

Term 1 – Uṣūl al-Dīn (Fundamentals of Islam)

Term 2 – Sīrah (lives and teachings) of the Major Prophets

Term 3 – Essential Fiqh for Modern Times

  • Diploma in Essential Islamic Sciences – Level 2

In this level you will connect with the book of Allah by learning the principles of Tafsīr and get closer to understanding the Sunnah of prophet Muhammad by learning the principles of Ḥadīth. Using these essential knowledge, you will unpack the complexity of Principles of Fiqh.

Term 1 – Uṣūl al-Tafsīr and ʿUlūm al-Qurʾān

Term 2 – Uṣūl al-Ḥadīth and Hadith Studies

Term 3 – Usūl al-Fiqh and Fiqh Studies

  • Diploma in Essential Islamic Sciences – Level 3

In this level you will engage with advanced Islamic Sciences and be introduced to the major texts of Hadith, Theology, Logic, Philosophy and Sufism.

Term 1 – Ḥadīth and Sunnah Studies & Introduction to Major Books of Ḥadīth

Term 2 – Theology, Logic and Philosophy

Term 3 – History of Sufism and Introduction to Classical Spirituality Texts

Course Fees:

Full payment – £2699

Special Offer (26th June 2017) – £1499

Source: Cambridge Islamic College

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