“Diverse Approaches to Qur’anic Studies in the Western Academy”


About The Event

NAAIMS 49th Annual Conference

Date: September 25, 2020

Cosponsored By: George Washington University & Xavier University

Program Chair: Professor Seyyed Hossein Nasr, George Washington University

Qur’anic studies in Western universities enjoys numerous research avenues: From studying Qur’anic manuscripts to the ways in which the Internet serves as a space in which Muslims engage with understanding and interpreting the Qur’an. This “interpretive” space includes such social media platforms as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook (including online lessons from ulema in mosques).

Who decides what constitute proper approaches to Qur’anic studies, and by what criteria are methodologies determined?”

Questions that the papers might address include, but are not limited to the following:

• What Determines the Course Outline for Qur’anic Studies in the Western Academy?

• What Determines the Curricula for Qur’anic Studies in Muslim-Majority Nations from the Middle East, Africa to Central Asia, and the South Asian Republics?

• What Roles do Social Media Platforms Play in Understanding the Qur’an?

• How has Digitization of Texts Affected the Field of Qur’anic Studies?

• What Discoveries have been made in the Study of Qur’anic Manuscripts?

• How do Faith-based Approaches Differ from Academic Approaches in Qur’anic Studies?

• Who are Some of the Contemporary Figures Whose Work has had a Major Impact on the Field of Qur’anic studies in the Western academy, and How have their Approaches to the Field been shaped by their Pre-commitments?

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