DPhil in Theology and Religion, Oxford University

DPhil in Theology and Religion, Oxford University

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Starting Date: October 2021

Application Deadline: January 8, 2021

The DPhil in Theology and Religion is the research degree for graduate students in the Faculty of Theology and Religion. It involves extensive independent study and the opportunity to undertake and present original research at an advanced level.

This degree offers access to a wide variety of experienced specialists in many different fields of theology and religion, including the study of the world religions; biblical studies; science and religion; ecclesiastical history; systematic theology; ethics; patristics, and philosophical theology. Typically wide-ranging research topics include a study of devotion to the infant Jesus in early Christianity; an exploration of trauma in film and the theology of memory; an investigation into perception and perceptual illusion in early Yogācāra Buddhism; and a study of gender and the body in deliverance Pentecostalism. Students develop an extensive range of research skills and expertise in their chosen field of research.

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