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Date: Sundays’s 10:30 am – 1:30 pm (Starting September 2016)

Venue: Norbury Hall, Barnsley Road, Sheffield, S4 7AD, UK

Essential Islamic Syllabus (EIS) by Saalik
  • Description:

EIS is a one-year foundational course designed to give students a basic foundation in fard al-ayn knowledge, knowledge that is essential for every Muslim to learn and covers the core aspects of Islam. The course is based on a Traditional understanding of religion with a contemporary academic approach facilitating for students from all walks of life. Taught by traditionally trained and authorized teachers in a friendly neutral environment open to all regardless of age, gender and background.

  • Subjects/Curriculum:

Purity & Prayer – Study of the legal rulings pertaining to purification, prayer and fasting in accordance with Islamic law. Detailed insight into the theory and practice of perfecting fasting and prayer.

Tenets Of Faith – Learning the nature of Faith in the three dimensions of belief; Divinity, Prophecy and Eschatology. Making one firm and certain in his understanding of the attributes of God, nature of Prophecy and belief in the Unseen.

Prophetic Biography – An in depth study of the life & times of the Final Messenger of God (peace & blessings be upon him). Exploring in chronological order starting from birth, followed by the ‘Makkan period’ and finally the ‘Madinan’ period. Discussing some of the key lessons to be learnt from both periods which one can take and implement in their lives.

Spirituality – Exploring the science of spiritual purification and how it relates to the inner characteristics of humans. Creating awareness of the various ailments that affect the spiritual heart. Outlining Prophetic guidance on nurturing one’s soul and refraining from disobedience in one’s daily life and worship.

Money Matters – A unique module covering the basic principles of Islamic Finance. A study of various types of rules pertaining to Zakah, Sadaqah, Udhiyah (Qurbani) and several types of contemporary financial issues.

Halal & Haram – Exploring issues of Halal and Haram in our everyday affairs. Discussing and covering a broad range of issues from religious practices to contemporary issues and subjects affecting the 21st century Muslim.

  • Teachers:

Shaykh Burhaan Khandia

Shaykh Mohammad Jamili (Biography)

  • Academic Year: 

The academic year 2016-17 will start in September 2016. The year will compromise of 34 weeks providing 102 hours of Learning. Online content with class recordings will be available to all students.

Resources: Full Course Notes & Online Voice Recordings

Cost: £199 Early Bird Price (Ends 1st September 2016), thereafter £229

Website: Saalik.org

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Norbury Hall

Norbury Hall, Barnsley Road, Sheffield, S4 7AD, UK

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Shaykh Burhaan Khandi
Shaykh Mohammad Jamili
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