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As part of its plan to play a leading role in the emerging field of Islamic Ethics, the Research Center for Islamic Legislation & Ethics (CILE) provides various platforms for talented researchers worldwide to come together, examine critical questions, and produce high-quality and impactful academic publications.

Currently, CILE has permanent faculty members who lead activities in the research fields of Moral Philosophy, Bioethics and Migration & Human Rights.

In order to widen the scope of its research fields, CILE is offering funding opportunities for researchers interested in conducting research, or leading research projects, in other applied research areas that can be incorporated into the broad discipline of Islamic Ethics. The list of other possible research areas includes, but is not exclusive to, the interplay of Islamic ethics with scholarly disciplines like politics, economics and business, gender, psychology, environment, arts, media, education, and food ethics.

Against the above-sketched background, interested researchers can make use of this funding opportunity to work on various forms of research projects related to Islamic Ethics. Below, we just give examples of possible research projects, but applicants can always propose alternative topics and themes, as long as they will result in academic publications.

Possible projects can include working on the publication of a new monograph, or a revised version of a PhD dissertation, as long as it is related to Islamic Ethics. In such cases, CILE will cover the publication costs in the Brill book-series Studies in Islamic Ethics, via Open Access.

A project could also be funded to organize an interdisciplinary seminar/workshop, where a number of researchers from various disciplines will work together on producing a thematic issue to be published in the Journal of Islamic Ethics or an edited volume in the book-series Studies in Islamic Ethics. Besides covering the publication costs, CILE will also cover the costs of organizing the seminar/workshop, including the flight tickets and accommodation of the participants in the seminar (if conditions permit organizing a face-to-face event). More details on funding this type of research projects are available via this link. As shown below, CILE will also provide a generous stipend to the selected candidates upon the successful completion of the project.

Please note that the selected candidates will not have to move to Doha during the preparation of the proposed project. If the proposed project is organizing a research seminar/workshop, he/she will have to be in Doha during the days of the event, if they are held face-to-face.

Source: CILE Center

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