God, Man and Universe

God, Man and Universe

About The Event

The 5th International Conference on Contemporary Philosophy of Religion

Call for Papers

Date: January 24-25, 2017

Venue: Faculty of World Studies, North Campus, Northern Kargar Ave., Tehran, Iran

Abstract Submission Deadline: September 1, 2016

Subject matter: God, Man and Universe

Conference Secretary: Mohammad Saeedimehr


– Iranian Association for Philosophy of Religion – philor.org

– Faculty of World Studies at the University of Tehran  – fws.ut.ac.ir

Conference Themes

  • God’s Attributes (Concerning Man and Universe)
  • God-Man Relation
  • God-Universe Relation
  • Man’s Status in the Universe
  • Divine Hiddenness
  • The Best Possible World
  • Cosmic Order and Purposefulness
  • Miracles and Natural Laws
  • God and Evolution
  • Religion and Environment
  • Religion and Genetics
  • Beginning and End of Universe (Religious, Philosophical and Scientific Theories)
  • Man’s Beginning and End (Religious, Philosophical and Scientific Theories)


Proposals of papers should consist of a title, a 250-300 word abstract, at least 3 keywords, and the author’s affiliation.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 1st of September, 2016. Early submissions are especially welcome.

Deadline for submission of papers: 1st of October, 2016

Please submit proposals (in both MS Word and PDF formats) to philorconf@gmail.com. To register please go to the Registration tab on the left menu.

Source: The International Conference on Contemporary Philosophy of Religion’s Website

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Faculty of World Studies, North Campus, Northern Kargar Ave., Tehran, Iran

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