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The Hawza Programme taught at Al-Mahdi Institute continues the Shia heritage of teaching core Islamic sciences including Jurisprudence, Legal Theory, Arabic, Theology, Philosophy, Logic and more. Students enrolling on the Hawza Programme can opt to undertake the 4-year full-time study route, or alternatively study on a part-time basis by enrolling on a selection of modules each semester.

The Institute’s online learning platform allows students to join classes live via virtual classrooms or by gaining on-demand access to lectures, seminars, and a wide range of learning materials at anytime and anywhere.

On completion of the first three years of the programme, students are awarded a BA in Islamic Theological Studies by Mofid University with an additional MA in Islamic Studies awarded by the University of Birmingham in the fourth and final year of the programme. View the subjects taught as part of the Hawza Programme here.

The four-year Hawza Programme offered at AMI allows students to obtain both BA and MA degree qualifications by the end of the final year of the programme. These unique qualifications allow students to not only engage with classical Shi’i texts but also get to grips with material that is at the forefront of academic research in Islamic Studies mainly with a historical, sociological, contextual, legal, or philosophical emphasis. This allows students to develop the knowledge and skills needed for independent research, creating an ideal foundation for further study.

AMI offers a range of tuition fee waivers and scholarships to support students during their studies on the Hawza Programme. Full-time students from the UK/EU who wish to study residentially can apply for a full scholarship to support their studies.  Whilst, all other students can benefit from a range of tuition fee waivers available to all.

More information on: Almadi.edu

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Al-Mahdi Institute

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Website https://www.almahdi.edu/hawza_programme

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