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Inside the Soul of Islam

IIDR held its Winter Student Program in Islamic studies this November. In this unique and eye-opening course, personal coach and bestselling author of “Inside the Soul of Islam”, Mamoon Yusaf, introduced a simple, powerful understanding of psychology called the “Inside-Out”, which has the potential to make the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah immediately impactful for all spiritual seekers, no matter what their level of knowledge, practice or religiosity.

Topics explored in this course:

– Imam al-Ghazali’s classification of the different types of knowledge and which are the most important for personal transformation
– A comprehensive overview of the Inside-Out Paradigm, based on the classical Islamic approach of the ‘ten essential elements’
– Psychological Idolatry – the subtle but pervasive root cause of all diseases of the heart and how to purify ourselves from falling into them
– A secret to mindful zikr and ihsan (spiritual excellence) that leads us to become more present, focused, in the high performance ‘zone’ and deeply connected with Allah, the Ever-Present
– Why sabr (resilience) is one of the greatest human virtues and the mind-set shift that opens us to an endless supply of it
– How to share the love, beauty and wisdom of Islam with people of other faiths, even in a time of heavy anti-Muslim propaganda, without being reactive, insecure or playing into political agendas

Mamoon Yusaf is a personal development coach, at the service the Muslim community for over a decade. After completing his BA Hons in Arabic and Politics at SOAS, including a year at the University of Alexandria in Egypt, he completed his professional training as an NLP Coach. In 2009 he founded ‘Quran For Busy People’, a popular blog and podcast which has been a source of inspiration for thousands of people across the world, giving them direct access to the transformational power of the Quran. In 2017, he published his first book, “Inside the Soul of Islam”, which is an accessible, transformative guide to the essential teachings of Islam, for spiritual seekers of all faiths.

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Islamic Institute for Development and Research

Islamic Institute for Development and Research, London, United Kingdom
Website https://www.iidr.org/course/119-inside-the-soul-of-islam/

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