International Conference to Celebrate the International Day for Women


About The Event

“Dialoguing Women in Christianity, Islam and African Traditional Religions”

Call for Papers

Date: March 1, 2019

Venue: University of Zimbabwe

Abstract Submission Deadline: December 31, 2018

This will be a one-day conference held in partnership with the Cultural Centre of the Iranian embassy, as part of the celebrations for the 2019 International Day for Women on March the 8th and Iranian Day for Women on February the 26th. The conference seeks to deliberate on the role, status and rights of women in Christianity, Islam, African Traditional Religions and other religions. It is therefore an inter-faith conference. The conference brings together scholars, religious leaders/practitioners, students, representatives of civil groups and policy makers.

We are calling for papers that engage the theme Dialoguing Women in Christianity, Islam and African Traditional Religions by exploring the multiple dimensions of the view that these religions can, and indeed must, play an important role in promoting women’s transition away from femininities of entrapment towards femininities of self-invention that enable them to fully participate in sustainable development. The papers may relate to, but are not limited to, the following sub-themes:

– Religion, Women and Leadership
– Religion, Women and Entrepreneurship
– Religion, Women and Culture
– Religion, Women and Economy
– Religion, Women and Society
– Religion, Women and the Media
– Religion, Women and Health
– Women and Religious Authority
– Religion, Women and Education
– Religion, Women and Politics
– Religion and Women’s Rights
– Religious Rules/ Laws specific to Women
– Religion, Women and Sexuality
– Religion and the woman’s role as a wife
– Religion and the woman’s role as a mother
– Religion and female role models

You are invited to send your abstract of not more than 300 words to or not later than 15 December 2018. You have to send your abstract on or before the abstract submission deadline.

The primary language of the conference is English, and your submission should be submitted in English.

More information on University of Zimbabwe’s Website

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University of Zimbabwe

University of Zimbabwe

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