International Interdisciplinary Colloquium: “Umayyad Syria: A Context for the Qur’an?”


About The Event

Date: June 2-4, 2021

Venue: University of Strasbourg / Online

This conference intends to investigate the evolution and place of the Qur’anic text in early Islam within a specific spatial and temporal context: the central region of Syria and Palestine (Bilād al-Shām) under the Umayyad caliphate dynasty (661-750). The colloquium will be in French and English.

The aim is to foster exchanges between specialists of the Syrian area in the Umayyad period (historians, papyrologists, specialists of literature, archaeologists) and specialists of the Qur’anic text (among which specialists of Islam as a religion (“islamologues”), philologists, codicologists) in order to gather the latest academic studies on the Qur’an in Umayyad Syria and propose new directions of research.

This interdisciplinary and international colloquium is organized by by Anne-Sylvie Boisliveau (Assistant Professor, Université de Strasbourg, UMR 7044 Archimède) a nd Mathilde Boudier (PhD, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, UMR 8167 Orient & Méditerranée), with the cooperation of Éric Vallet (Full Professor in Arabic Studies, University of Strasbourg). It is hosted by UMR7044 Archimède laboratory (CNRS / University of Strasbourg, France) and funded by a grant awarded by the Bureau Central des Cultes withing the framework of the “Islam, Religion and Society” commission of the French Ministries, and a funding awarded by the ITI Hisaar (Interdisciplinary Institute for History, Sociology, Archeology and Anthropology of Religions, of the University of Strasbourg).

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University of Strasbourg / Online

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