Iran: Academic Learning Tour; A Cultural, Peacemaking, Sightseeing and Learning Opportunity


About The Event

Date: September 7-21, 2019

Organizer: Hikmat International Institute

Hikmat International Institute is organizing a learning tour of Iran from 7 – 21 of September 2019 for professors, students, and anyone else who want to explore Iran and learn more about Shiism and culture, other religions and history of the country. In this tour, the participants will see Iran’s most important tourist attractions in 6 major cities. Also, there will be a session to talk about religion and culture in Iran. The tour will include the unique opportunity to experience the Ashura festival at Yazd. An introduction to the significance and the ritual of the festival will be given. The tour will be held with high standards and is an amazing opportunity.

Prof. Morteza Rezazadeh, founder and president of Hikmat International Institute will lead this learning tour. As a graduate of the Islamic Seminaries of Qom and Hartford Seminary in the United States, he is an expert in Religions; mainly Islamic and Shiite Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations. As a professor of Islamic theology and jurisprudence, he is ideally equipped to introduce foreigners to the culture and religion of Iran.

Prof. Hans-Christian Günther of the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg/ Germany is the co-leader of the learning tour and will assist with the organizing and will accompany the tour.

Source: Hikmat International Institute

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Hikmat International Institute

Hikmat International Institute, Tehran, Iran

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