Islamic and Christian Model of Inter-Religious Dialogue


About The Event

Based on Prophet Muhammad (S) Model and the Second Vatican Council

Call for Papers

Date: December 17-19, 2017

Venue: Al-Hikmah Institute, Qom, Iran

Submission Deadline: November 1, 2017

The International Institute for Peace and Religions (IIPR) intends an event to be happen on the subject of Prophetic Model of Interfaith Dialogue with Christians. This event benefits from the famous letter of prophet Muhammad called “The Promise of Muhammad to the Christians until End of the World” IIPR also intends to have a “Call for Paper” note on the site inviting friends from other faiths to take part in this event and specially to have a comparison between this letter and the Second Vatican Council document opening the horizons for dialogue.

IIPR invites all papers, yet especially those dealing with the following:

  • Prophet Muhammad’s model of dialogue and the Second Vatican Council
  • any interreligious manifestations
  • modern challenges of being religious
  • problems in education related to the social and cultural change
  • the best models of dialogue
  • the idea of the university in the modern world
  • academics and academic work in the contemporary times
  • cultural and social experience of interreligious dialogue
  • challenges of intercultural societies
  • Second Vatican Council

Contact person

Dr. Sheikh Taher Amini Golestani


Source: The International Institute for Peace and Religions (IIPR)

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Al-Hikmah Institute

Al-Hikmah Institute, Qom, Iran

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