Islamic Legacy: Narratives East, West, South, North of the Mediterranean (1350-1750)

Islamic Legacy: Narratives East, West, South, North of the Mediterranean (1350-1750)

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Date: September 7, 2021

Venue: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Deadline: April 1, 2021

Studying the relations between Christianity and Islam in late medieval and early modern Europe and the Mediterranean means to cover a vast geographical region, which is diverse in its languages and cultures. Against this background it is necessary to find a common ground that makes it possible to understand the exchange between these two cultures as one border-crossing phenomenon. To achieve this comprehensive understanding, it is necessary to identify overarching ideas and common terms that are widely used in this field of research. Therefore, the aim of this project is to discuss each of the 5 below terms in the context of their historiographies and how they were shaped by then prevailing notions.

Topics (terms) to be addressed:

1. Orient-Occident, Morgenland-Abendland, Doğu-Batı
2. Coexistence, Convivencia
3. Hybridity
4. Border-Frontier, Center-Periphery, Holy Lands,
5. Reconquista, Rückeroberung, Fetih

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 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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