Islamic Studies with Spiritual Retreat


About The Event

Date: January 2-7, 2018

Venue: The Islamic College, 133 High Rd, London NW10 2SW, UK

Course Registration Fee: £50

The course ‘Islamic Studies with Spiritual Retreat’, introduces students to the academic study of Islam via an exploration of major topics in Islamic Studies such as: Islamic Thought, Reading Quran and Hadith, Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic Lifestyle in the WestIslamic Moral Values and Islamic History.

The course is an excellent opportunity to have a taste of academic and Hawzah programs of the Islamic College.

Spiritual sessions, in the evening, have also been arranged to inspire, enrich and enlighten the participants. Visits to Islamic centers and London attractions are also part of the course. Experienced educationists, experts and scholars like Dr Isa Jahangir, Dr Sheikh Mohammad Ali Ismail, Dr Amina Inloes, Sheikh Mirza Abbas, Amir De Martino and Alexander Khaleeli will be in the teaching Faculty for the course. Students who attend the whole course will be granted a certificate. There will be 24 hours of teaching and the rest of the time will be spent on visits to Islamic centers and London attractions.

The program includes:

Selected lectures from BA and MA programs of The Islamic College:

  • The Quranic Sciences
  • Reading in Hadith Studies
  • Islamic Thought (Existence of God)
  • Islamic Jurisprudence (Ahkam for the west)
  • Islamic Lifestyle in the West
  • Islamic Moral Values
  • Islamic History

Daily spiritual sessions:

  • Moral discussions
  • Spiritual reflection
  • One to one consultation
  • Duas and Munajat

Visits to:

  • Islamic centers
  • London attractions

To register:

Please complete this form or contact the Short Course Department by email:

Source: The Islamic College

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The Islamic College

The Islamic College, 133 High Rd, London NW10 2SW, UK

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