Journey Through the Quran (2018)


About The Event

Instructor: Shaykh Sharif MH al-Banna

Date: May 19-20, 2018 and May 26-27, 2018

Venue: Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Rd, London E1 4NS, UK

Under the tutelage of IIDR’s very own founder, Shaykh Hasan al-Banna, this course will give you the tools to re-establish your connection with the Holy Book and finally receive all those messages you’ve been missing.

Let this year’s Journey Through the Quran course transform your Ramadan by teaching you how to engage with the Quran in a way you’ve never done before.

In the short space of just four days you will learn:

  • 99 personal development lessons based on Quranic teachings;
  • Key messages, themes and stories to assist your long-term learning;
  • A cohesive summary and overview of all 114 chapters;
  • The Quran in application: discover how to apply your knowledge practically in your everyday life;
  • 1000 Arabic words from the Quran; and so much more.

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued to participants who attend and complete the full course [4 days].

More information at: The Islamic Institute for Development & Research (IIDR)

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Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Rd, London E1 4NS, UK

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