Lecture: The Great Islamic State’ in English-Occupied Egypt, 1882-1922′

Lecture: The Great Islamic State' in English-Occupied Egypt, 1882-1922'

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CIS Public Talks

Date: March 5, 2020 @ 5:00pm – 6:45pm

Venue: Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge, UK

Lecturer: Hussein Omar

Hussein A H Omar is a cultural and intellectual historian of the Modern Middle East and is currently an AHRC Postdoctoral Fellow at Pembroke College and the History Faculty, as part of the ‘First World War and Global Religions’ project. His postdoctoral research examines the anticolonial insurrectionary movements in Egypt and Iraq between 1919-1920.

The Centre of Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge is a research and outreach center that aims to promote a constructive and critical understanding of the role of Islam and Muslims in wider society. One important focus of our work is Muslims in the UK and Europe, although we are also interested in Islam and Muslim communities in other parts of the world. The Centre of Islamic Studies is part of the University of Cambridge and is supported by a generous donation from Alwaleed Philanthropies.

CIS Public Talks are free and open to all.

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 Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge, UK

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