Muslim Group Conference 2022


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38th Annual Conference Entitled “With Hardship it Comes Ease”

Date: December 22-26, 2022

Venue: Westin Chicago Lombard, Chicago, IL, USA

The Muslim Group of USA and Canada was founded on November 23rd, 1977 by a collective of college students who noted the scarcity of religious leaders equipped with the cultural literacy to nurture the spiritual and religious needs of Muslims residing in North America. Soon, the Muslim Group was recognized to be the first orderly and systematic Shia student organization in the US and Canada. In 1982, the Muslim Group divided the United States into five regions with Canada being a sixth one to simplify its work and to create a network for spreading its activities across these two vast North American nations.

The Group is preparing for a conference entitled “With Hardship it Comes Ease” on 22- 26 Dec. 2022 in Chicago – USA.

Some of the speakers are: Seyed Mahdi Qazvini, Sayed Sulaiman Hassan, Sheikh Sami Ftouni, Sheikh Ibrahim Elamely, Fatima El-Zein, Caleb Carter, Sayed Najah AlHussaini, Berak Hussain, Shaykh Dr. Mehdi Hazari, etc.

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The Westin Chicago Lombard

Westin Chicago Lombard, Chicago, IL, USA

Our Speakers

Berak Hussain
Caleb Carter
Fatima El-Zein
Sayed Najah AlHussaini
Sayed Sulaiman Hassan
Seyed Mahdi Qazvini
Shaykh Dr. Mehdi Hazari
Sheikh Ibrahim Elamely
Sheikh Sami Ftouni
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