Muslims in Europe: A Clash or a Meeting of Civilizations?


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Lecturer: Uriya Shavit

On 18 October, from 13:00-15:00 hours, Uriya Shavit presented a lecture entitled: “Muslims in Europe: A Clash or a Meeting of Civilizations?” The lecture took place in Wijnhaven 2.02 in The Hague.

The lecture examined political, cultural and theological aspects of Muslim migration in the West. Among the issues explored:

  • Is there really a “Muslim minority” in Europe?
  • Why do European authorities fail in their battle against violent radicalization?
  • How does a triumphal ideology on the Islamization of the continent facilitate integration?
  • And what do Christmas trees and swimming pools have in common?

Uriya Shavit is an associate professor in Islamic studies and Head of the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies and the Graduate Program in Religious Studies at Tel Aviv University. He specializes in the study of modern Islamic theology and law, Muslim radicalization, and the sociology of Muslim minorities in the West. He is the author of nine academic books and several dozen articles in these fields. He frequently comments on Middle Eastern affairs on Israeli national media and in the international media. Shavit’s most recent books are Islamism and the West (Routledge, 2014), Shari’a and Muslim Minorities (Oxford University Press, 2015) Zionism in Arab Discourses (Manchester University Press, 2016) and Scientific and Political Freedom in Islam (Routledge, 2017). His recent projects include a study on why Western anti-radicalization programs fail, on Islam in Iceland, and on Muslim football players in the West.

Source: Leiden University

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Uriya Shavit
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