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Date: January 20, 2017

Venue: Old Observatory, Sterrenwachtlaan 11, 2311 GPW Leiden, Netherlands

The theme of the fifth annual NISIS Islamic Studies Network Day is: ‘Polder Islam 2017’. Several speakers will give lectures on topics related to this theme, and in the afternoon a panel discussion will be held.

The NISIS Islamic Studies Network Day provides an excellent opportunity for PhD candidates and students to acquaint themselves with the newest developments in the field of Islamic studies and to exchange information and experiences with colleagues and specialists. This event is open to all. To attend, please register by sending an email to

Theme – Polder Islam 

Dutch society is engaged in a heated and polarized discussion on Islam; often without taking the voices of Muslim citizens seriously. For the Islamic Studies Network day 2017, NISIS has asked (Muslim) participants from different backgrounds (e.g. academia, politics, journalism) to discuss their views. NISIS aims to bring together representatives from academia, politics, society and media in order to discuss relevant questions around this topic.

Questions such as the following will be addressed:

– How does the debate on Islam relate to and maybe effect Muslims’ sense and expressions of religiosity?

– To what extent can their interpretation of Islam be understood as a ‘polder Islam;’ an Islam that might be at least partly shaped by the Dutch context?

– To what extent may Dutch society expect religious groups to adapt, and to what extent does such an adaptation entail a compromise towards religious practice and/or to identity?

– How do Muslims combine their Muslim identity with other identifications as Dutch citizens? More concretely: In what ways do they wish, succeed, or fail to insert their Muslim identity in their participation in Dutch society as Dutch citizens?

Confirmed Speakers

– Hanina Ajaraj

– Nadia Bouras

– Martijn de Koning

Call for applications poster presentations

During the network day, junior researchers are given the opportunity to present their research on posters, which will be on display throughout the day.

PhD candidates and research master students, whose research focuses on the study of Muslims, Muslim societies and Islam in the broadest sense of the word,  are invited to apply for a poster presentation by sending a short biography (including current affiliation) and short abstract of their research (300 words max) to NISIS junior members automatically qualify for participation, but need to register by sending an email to The deadline for application is Monday 2 January 2017.

The deadline for handing in posters (A3 size, pdf format, by email) is Sunday 13 January 2017 at the latest, so that NISIS can take care of printing. NISIS junior members have the opportunity to gain 1 EC for their successful participation in the Network Day. Requirements for gaining 1 EC will be announced soon.

Source: Leiden University

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Old Observatory

Old Observatory, Sterrenwachtlaan 11, 2311 GPW Leiden, Netherlands

Our Speakers

Hanina Ajaraj
Martijn de Koning
Nadia Bouras
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