Oxford Muslim Access Conference – 2018


About The Event

Date: September 22, 2018

Venue: Newham Collegiate sixth form center, London, UK

Application Deadline: September 7, 2018

The Oxford Muslim Access Conference is being launched to address the multiple barriers affecting Muslim students applying to Oxford and other top institutions. Our goal is to not only inspire Muslims students who have the potential to thrive at Oxford but to equip them with the tools and skills required to access any top institution for their higher education and beyond.

We envision for OMAC to become one of the leading Higher Education access conferences for all Muslim students across the United Kingdom. Students of the Oxford University Islamic Society (whose members comprise a wide variety of backgrounds) are well aware of the social and contextual barriers that prevent many disadvantaged Muslim students from even applying to places like Oxford in the first place, and have designed this conference in order to tackle such problems.

We will be addressing common misconceptions surrounding degrees and the application process which will be explored through subject taster sessions, mock tutorials and Q&A’s on the interview process. This, alongside informative sessions on the personal statement and entrance exams aims to give a comprehensive boost to all attendees’ applications.

In our conference, we also aim to cover a wide range of non-academic issues that contribute to many students’ experiences of Oxford. We hope to cover topics that often concern potential applicants such as student loans, living in halls and away from home for the first time, availability of halal food and much more. In doing so we hope to deconstruct Oxford in such a way that results in a highly informative and engaging conference for our students.

More information on: https://ouisoc.org/omac/

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Newham Collegiate sixth form center

Newham Collegiate sixth form center, London, UK

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