Ph.D. in Interreligious Studies

Ph.D. in Interreligious Studies

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Ph.D. in Interreligious Studies

With a focus on Christian-Muslim Relations, Contemporary Muslim Studies, or Islamic Studies

Hartford International University for Religion and Peace, Hartford, CT, USA

Application Deadline: January 31, 2022

Hartford International University’s Ph.D. program provides advanced study in the knowledge and practical application of relations between religious traditions, and in Abrahamic religious studies more specifically (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). Ph.D. graduates gain rigorous research skills and comprehensive knowledge in their field(s) of study, culminating in a dissertation that makes an original contribution.

Students will acquire:

• comprehensive knowledge in their chosen discipline of study

• skills and competence to teach in these subjects in religious communities and academia

• ability to produce original research and written works to advance the scholarship for the benefit of religious communities, academy, and society

The curriculum is comprised of two first-year seminars; a first-year initial literature review; four tutorials, three methods/language courses, two comprehensive exams, a teaching portfolio, a dissertation proposal exam, a final dissertation, and oral defense.

Completed applications are due by Jan. 31. The committee will accept students into the program by cohort for the 2022, 2024, and 2026, etc. academic years.

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Hartford International University for Religion and Peace

Hartford International University for Religion and Peace, Hartford, CT, USA

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