Professor (W 3) for Islamic History and Culture

Professor (W 3) for Islamic History and Culture

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Tübingen University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Asian and Oriental Studies

Call for Applications

Application Deadline: August 31, 2018

The applicant should be able to cover a broad spectrum of research and instruction in this subject area. She/he should have a research focus either on Islamic history or on literary and/or cultural studies. Good knowledge of Arabic and a second source language is expected.

She/he will contribute to the department’s curricula (BA, MA) as well as supervise PhD candidates. We also expect an interest in joining the interdisciplinary research activities within the department as well as with other departments at the university.

Requirements for appointment are: Professorship status or an equivalent qualification as well as extensive teaching experience.

Tübingen University is particularly interested in applications from female candidates for this position and therefore strongly encourages women to apply.

Applications from disabled candidates will be given preference if the qualifications of these candidates are identical to those of a non-disabled candidate. In line with its internationalization agenda, the university welcomes applications from researchers outside Germany.

Applications with the usual documents (Curriculum Vitae, references, list of publications and teaching experience, overview of research covered, authored books, up to 5 articles) should be sent to: Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Prof. Dr. Juergen Leonhardt (

The closing date for applications is August 31, 2018.

More information on: Tubingen University’s website

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Tübingen University

Tübingen University

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